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Invisible Archives_selected pages_Hristina Ivanoska_Artistic Research

Invisible archives: Makedonkа – Organ of the WAF (1944-1952), historical experiences and cultural memory; Publisher: Center for Research of Nationalism and Culture (CINIK); Editors: Ivana Hadjievska and Jana Kocevska; Authors: Ivana Pantelić, Ivana Hadjievska, Jana Kocevska, Darko Leitner-Stojanov, Manja Velichkovska, Hristina Ivanoska, Jelena Milinković; Reviewer; Petar Todorov, PhD, prof. Institute of National History – Skopje; Translation from Macedonian: Marija Jones; Cover and graphic design: KOMA Design Studio; The graphic design of pages 225-254 devoted to the artistic research by Hristina Ivanoska, titled: “Document Missing: Performance no. 12 (Makedonka – emancipation, meaning and desire)”, is by Iliana Petrushevska. The translation from Macedonian of pages 228, 232, and 233 is by Ana Vasileva. The translation from Serbian of pages 237-239 is by Kalina Janeva, Bojan Djordjevic. Print: Datapons © CINIK – Skopje, 2022; ISBN 978-608-66464-6-2.


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