Exhibition / Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska / Prologue (A Form of a Question)

Apoteka – Space for Contemporary Art, Vodnjan, Croatia (27.09. – 20.10.2017)

Curated by Branka Benčić

Photo© Matija Debeljuh and Yane Calovski

The exhibition by Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska at Apoteka – Space for Contemporary Art in Vodnjan, Prologue (A Form of a Question) is a first part of a complex process and exhibition series unfolding around the project A Form of an Answer, that the artists plan to develop in three chapters – three exhibition spaces in different cities and in an art institution of a different format and profile such as a museum and an independent space.
“Form of an Answer” is a work in progress, envisaged to gather and map individual, aesthetic, formal, conceptual and critical interests of artists focused on artistic production, collective work, memory, invisible work as well as the institutional context in which artistic production takes place. It raises broader spectrum of questions regarding the artistic production created in different contexts.
The first chapter or Prologue (A Form of a Question) focuses on forms of female work, textile design, emancipation of/through the work process, by adopting and analyzing conceptual and formal procedures shaped by three artistic and discursive positions: Otti Berger, Anette van Eyck and Simone Weil.
The artistic practice of Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska is complex and contextual. It focuses on issues and concepts of architecture, history and art theory, political reality, in order to create new scenarios and new knowledge. The works are realized in different media from drawings, texts until objects, installation and video.

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