Yane Calovski in CrossSections, curated by Basak Senova


Yane Calovski, “Former City”, archival material and drawings, installation view IASPIS, 2018. Photo by Y.C. Courtesy the artist.


CrossSections is aimed at supporting the artists’ work and their production processes, without imposing an existing pre-defined theme. By placing the artistic production at the centre of its research and plot, CrossSections is shaped by the cumulative interdisciplinary input and data through meetings, residencies, performative presentations, and publications in the course of a year. 

Yane Calovski’s works exhibited in CrossSections:

Archival Material and drawings
presented at  CrossSections_potentials (2019), Vienna

“Former City” is the latest stage of an ongoing research on the “Skopje Urban Plan Project” that also includes the two previous works “Master Plan” (2007-2008) and “Obsessive Setting” (2009-2010). The newest project documents the unsalvageable and contaminated data pertaining to the Skopje Urban Plan Project (1963-67) in the aftermath of the fire of the former Institute for Town Planning and Architecture Skopje (ITPA) in April 2017. All three works comprise “Undisciplined: A Construction of An Archive”, an editorial project on the subject that will result in a publication in 2019.

Archival material and drawings

The main goal of the project is to reset some of the collected, unprotected and chemically contaminated printed materials of the former Institute for Urbanism and Architecture Skopje (ZUAS) in April 2017. The project was developed in cooperation with ZUAS, the City Museum of Skopje (MGS) and the State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia (DARM). In the processes of collecting, thinking, mapping, digitizing and associative development of all available materials, Calovski creates new drawings and objects and unleashes the project in three processes:

1. Archivism – archiving, activism and advocacy;
2. Publishing – disclosure, reading and filming;
3. Exposure – visual isolation, manufacturing and sharing.

By converging notions of archiving while augmenting a method similar to the immediacy of drawing, his research is focused on designing discursive frameworks for the role of post-medium art in a wider cultural context. Calovski’s research concerns consider the ways we analyze, understand and archive objects and documents situated in the specificity of new cultural and political geographies

Archival material and drawings, 2018
presented at  CrossSections_intervals (2018), Vienna

The conceptual elasticity in converging legacy of architectural modernity, notion of performativity, usage of archives and addressing current socio-cultural, economic and political conditions has been at the centre of my artistic practice for many years. While engaging various research and production applications, augmenting a method similar to the immediacy of drawing and durational installations, I construct often ambiguous and unresolved visual and archival entities.

The project interconnects modernist architectural narratives that belong to the city of Skopje. Initiated in May 2017, the main goal of the project is to conceptually reset the books, maps, reports and other collected materials belonging to the former Institute for Urbanism and Architecture Skopje that suffered a devastating fire in April 2017. Foucault’s articulation of archaeology, archives, and the notion of the author in relation to history, informs my examination of one’s intimate process of accommodation, assimilation, and production of new knowledge. It is often constructed from my own subjective experience of history and the present and Derrida’s theory of incomplete/ transient notion of reality.

Through the process of redrawing, sculpting and releasing the absorbed content, a new sense of archival temporality emerges; this new notion of timelessness may be derived from the fact that modernity remains somehow an unfinished and suspended process. The work remains guided by a non-linear historical time in which our collective memories remain in a state of continual flux.

—co-authored with FOS
Video, 10’35’’
presented at CrossSections_perspectives (2019),Stockholm; and CrossSections_notes (2019), Helsinki

Calovski and FOS touch on the questions of the formal, procedural, European politically-correct requirements for forgiveness and public media negotiation. They also questioned the crisis in European nations and seek for an order in which the “multi-ethnic” and the “multi-cultural” would not be just abstract concepts that appear at random, but would face the community as a whole with the challenge of a real and lived mutual understanding. But that means something different for each side. In the “apology” of the Danish Prime Minister to the Islamic world, the argument, was of course, the freedom of speech and the viewpoint that speaking was not doing. Calovski and FOS developed the video An Early Lost Play through eight episodes.

Source: http://basaksenova.com/crosssections/yane.html